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  • What Is Polar Fleece Fabric?

    Polar fleece fabric is a type of polyester that is soft and breathable. Its main use is as a blanket, but it also serves as a versatile fabric for clothing, accessories, and decor. They wanted to mak

  • weft knit fabric is formed by a series of vertical

    Unlike woven fabrics, weft knit fabric is formed by a series of vertical and horizontal loops. During the knitting process, these loops are interlocked. In the typical structure of a knitted fabric,

  • How Spandex Is Used in Knitted Fabrics

    Using Spandex to produce knitted fabrics has become a common practice in the garment industry. These fabrics are used to create foundation garments and support hosiery. They are also used to make kn

  • What Is Polar Fleece Fabric?

    Polar Fleece is a soft napped, insulating fabric that is made from polyester. He was interested in creating a fabric that resembled wool but that would be made without animal products.Pola fleece is

  • There are many different types of knit fabrics.

    When you think of knitting, you probably picture a woman or man seated at a table, knitting a piece of fabric by hand. While knitting by hand is a very traditional process, most knit fabrics are now

  • What You Should Know About Polyester Knitted Fabric

    Whether you're looking for a comfortable outfit for your little ones, a nice dress for your wedding, or some form fitting clothing for your workout routine, knitted fabric will help you create your

  • What Is Suede Fabric?

    Originally, suede fabric was used for the production of soft gloves imported from Sweden. Later, it was used for shoes, furniture, and accessories. It was also used as a lining material for other le

  • The Advantages of Polyester Knitted Fabric

    Whether you are trying to find the right fabric for your clothing or you're planning to make a new outfit for yourself, you will probably want to find a quality polyester knitted fabric. Polyester k

  • Applications of Spandex Knitted Fabric

    Several applications for knitted fabrics are found in the sportswear fabric industry. This fabric provides elasticity and comfort to the wearer. For instance, it can be used in underwear waistbands

  • What Is Textured Pu Leather?

    Textured Pu Leather is made from a polymer mixture that simulates the texture of real leather. The mixture is mixed with various additives and then passed through heated rollers. Then, the resulting